The Bridge

Some years ago, the homeless community asked for church to be brought to them.  They wanted a church they felt comfortable attending.  HDC answered the call!  In the beginning, we quite literally took the church to them.  We would drive “Big Blue” (our truck) out under the overpass, across from Tent City.  The side of the truck would be lowered, and we would have service!  Our name back then was Church Under the Bridge because, well, we were under the bridge! 😊

In June 2014, the state decided to close Tent City.  We weren’t going to let that deter us from continuing our mission, though!  First Stop, Inc – a day center that helps the homeless with many things – graciously allowed us to use their facilities.  Our new location prompted a new name – The Bridge Church – but the mission was the same.  Music, message, and a meal in an atmosphere they were comfortable in. 

Bringing church to the homeless does have some challenges.  Phones ring and calls are taken; people get up regularly and wander the room; the flow of people in and out of the building never stops; and we feed many more people than stay to hear the Word each week.  But I wouldn’t trade this ministry for anything!  Whether we are planting seeds, watering them, or just tilling up hardened ground – we get to be part of reaching a group of people that are in desperate need of realizing how much they matter to the King of Kings!  We get to pour out the Father’s love and affection on them every week, and that puts a smile on my face every Sunday!

One of the most unexpected blessings that has come from being a part of this ministry, is the friendships that have been forged!  Both with those that attend church, and those who are part of the serving team.  If you are looking for a place to be a blessing, and to find people to connect with – The Bridge is it!  I hope to see you one Sunday soon! 😊


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